Boarding Advice

Going on holidays soon?

We strongly recommend Kybrooke Pet Resort in Panton Hill for care of your dog or cat while you are away.  Karen and Mark will care for your pets like their own. We know this, because our pets stay there too.  

Any boarding kennel or cattery will require your pets to be up to date with their vaccinations. Please call us if you are not sure when your pet is next due, or if you require proof of this vaccination to take with you when you drop your pet off.

You will need to inform the boarding facility of any health problems your pet may have had or is prone to. If medication is to be administered you should let them know at time of booking. Write down the dose, frequency and name of medication.

If on long term medication, please ensure you bring along extra just in case.  Please provide the boarding facility with our details in the event that your pet needs veterinary attention in your absence.