Training/Puppy Pre-school

There are many benefits to teaching your puppy to be well behaved at an early age. Young puppies are quite able to learn obedience skills, toileting behaviour and social boundaries. All of these things help make your relationship with your dog more rewarding for the years to come.



For puppy pre-school, we strongly recommend the multi-award winning trainers, The K9 Company.  Puppies are welcome after their first vaccination. Classes will will help you to: 

  • Develop an understanding of normal puppy behaviour.

  • Learn how to read your puppy's body language and respond appropriately.

  • Develop effective techniques for positive behavioural development.

  • Learn important tips about walking in public areas.

  • Understand the need for socialising your puppy.

  • Teach your puppy some important 'do not' lessons

  • Understand important boundaries when playing together.

  • Develop strong bonds between you and your puppy

The most important thing about Puppy Pre-school is 'start early'.  The first 16 weeks of your puppy's life are known as the "Critical Period" and experiences in this time will have the strongest impact on your dog.  Waiting too long can allow behaviour problems to establish which then require more intensive training to overcome.

The K9 Company also provide ongoing classes for after puppyhood. In addition they can assist with private consultations for more serious behavioural concerns.  They have a wide range of educational seminars, and are truly leaders in their field. When necessary, Paws at Yours and The K9 Company will work in close association for those dogs that may require medical help in addition to their training programs.  This will maximise both your levels of support, and chances for success.


We also strongly recommend private consultations offered by Brad Griggs, of Canine Services International.  Brad has particular expertise in problem dogs, especially those with aggression issues.  He is a passionate advocate of responsible canine guardianship and has years of experience in all facets of dog behaviour, Brad is the trainer the trainers go to.  But don't be fooled by these credentials. We guarantee he is just at home helping you with your first puppy.